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GPA's Monaco Turntable
Roy Gregory, Editor Hi-Fi+ declares “…this is the most accomplished, convincing, and insightful turntable I’ve used at home.”
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Brooklands Wall Mount Isolation System
6 Moons Paul Candy awards the Brooklands “Favorite Discovery of 2007”.


Monaco Modular Isolation System

With extensive testing and development, one occasionally discovers an unfair advantage in the world of racing. Now you can enjoy the same unfair advantage in the battle against vibration. Utilizing the latest in sophisticated computer analysis, unprecedented design talent and hundreds of manhours of instrumented and listening test, Grand Prix Audio has defined the new state-of-the-art in equipment isolation. For the very best performance from your audio components, our revolutionary 8-stage system provides by far the quietest component platforms on the market. See the real (not simulated) measurements on the Product Introduction page.

Height: several to chose from, custom orders are welcome see CAD drawing
Shelf size: 21" W x 23.3 D" (or 17.75" D for the "short wheel base" frame)
Weight without ballast: 58 - 76 lbs. depending on shelf thickness
Weight with lead shot: 122 - 140 lbs
Weight-bearing capacity: > 600 lbs
Ballast capacity: 64 lbs
Materials: Carbon Fiber epoxy chassis platforms, 304 Stainless steel support columns, 6061 T6 Aluminum support column closures, Stainless steel "True Vector" couplings, 304 Stainless steel spikes, Sorbothane, Acrylic

Custom dimensioning available upon request.

Contact your local dealer, distributor, or Grand Prix Audio for pricing.

Monaco Modular Isolation System Options
Apex w/Levelers rather than spike floor interface
Monaco SE frame with twin-wall construction polymer fill (the air space between inner 1" diameter aluminum tube and outer 2" diameter column is filled with the proprietary damping polymer first premiered for the Apex interface - the inner tube itself can be filled with ballast or lead) Also, an inlay of Kevlar in the triangulated supports.
Formula Shelves Carbon-Fiber upgrade shelf
Short Wheelbase frame is as wide and tall as the standard Monaco Modular Isolation System but only sports 17.75" shelf depth for standard-size component
•Custom Dimensioning (for all models)

For additional discussion about the Monaco Modular Isolation System see Reviews (Media, Industry and Customer).